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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Is it ever really the "first day"

Yesterday my step-daughter had her first championship swim meet. She's 10. It was a big deal and she did a great job:) I love swim meets, I really do. I don't think they're always like this, but at this age they are such an amazingly supportive experience. All the parents cheer for everyone on the team, and especially with the littlest ones, when they struggle just to get through an entire lap, everyone in the place cheers them on, claps and hollers and says, "GO - you can do it!!". And when they finally reach the end of the pool everyone erupts in applause and the cheers turn into a big loud ROAR, and everyone is genuinely happy that they made it, everyone is smiling from ear to ear for the little person who just took 2 minutes to swim 25 yards.  I wish weight loss could be like that. You know, like when you eat 2 pieces of pizza instead of 5, there should be an eruption of applause. When you make it to the gym after working from 8am to 7pm, there should be cheers as you walk in the door, "GO - you can do it!"... but alas, no - there is none of that in the real world of weight loss, actually there's very little of it in the world of adulthood - sad. Yesterday after the swim meet my partner and I grabbed McDonalds because the meet started at 7:30am and ended at 1pm and he was leaving to go out of town at 2... so it was quick and easy. Then he left, and I was sad. So half a pizza later... sigh, no one to witness that indiscretion (except of course that I'm now sharing it with you!) just some heartburn and an overwhelming sense of guilt. "Not again, ugh, I feel like crap - why did I EAT that?!" And of course my sweet little dog sitting next to me begging for a bit of pepperoni (I wonder if she knows how lucky she is that we help her control what she eats, or if she's secretly plotting our demise so she can empty the fridge?)...

So I woke up this morning vowing, "today is the first day of the rest of my life!". Out with the old in with the new!! Except that I know this isn't really true right? Because, I've said this before - many times and really yesterday was a perfectly good day to start my life but yesterday I failed to stick to my preferences about staying healthy and not overeating... So what makes today different? Motivation? Guilt? Hope?

Well, today was a good day. I made an egg white omelet (wow, thank goodness for spell check because I do not know how to spell omelet - let's get this out of the way now - I'm never going to be mistaken for an English teacher, ever.) and half a grapefruit for breakfast (3 points - yes - I'm a WW) I went to the gym (APPLAUSE!) for two classes (CROWD ROARS!) and then I had a California Roll from Whole Foods (5 pts) and a sea salt chocolate covered caramel (2 points) and a DnD iced coffee (4 points, darn cream).  For dinner, I actually cooked for myself, something I almost NEVER do (polite applause, seriously Heather, you're in your 30s you "should" cook more!)  I made a South Beach recipe for Cauliflower soup (3pts) with turkey bacon (1pts) oyster crackers (2pts) and some reduced fat cheese (2pts)... So, if you're counting - I'm at 21 points, my daily allotment is 28. It's almost 8pm and I'm not already 10 points over for the day... yesterday at 4pm I was 10 points over... I ended up 20 points over. So maybe today IS the first day...

I did start this blog...

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